Buchanan and Costers Grand Final Baby Delivery

While the Bears continue to celebrate their Intrust Super Cup premiership success on Sunday, two members of the grand final winning team are also settling in with new additions to their family. 

Sam Coster and his partner Tayla welcomed daughter Elkie into the world on Wednesday, while Jack Buchanan’s wife Madeleine gave birth to their daughter Harper on Sunday morning. 

The Buchanan’s were up all night Saturday, with Harper arriving at 6.30am Sunday morning, before Jack hopped on the bus to play 55 minutes in the front row in a grand final winning Burleigh Bears team. 

“You can’t (top a day like this),” he said after the game. “It can’t get any better. This is as good as it gets. 

“It was a very long night. They’re both healthy, they’re both back in Tweed Heads – I wish they were here – but it’s unreal.” 

Sam and Tayla were also expecting their baby to arrive on grand final day, but Elkie instead arrived mid-week. 

“Obviously, this has been the best week of my life by far,” Coster said. 

“My partner Tayla went into labour on Tuesday and the baby came on Wednesday, so I was very lucky and blessed that little Elkie decided to come a little bit early. 

“It’s good just to work hard all year with this group of players and to be a part of a great club culture like this and be rewarded for it at the end of the year is what you train for and it’s just a perfect end to the year.” 

The Bears have become an incredibly tight group over recent years and coach Jimmy Lenihan spoke after their grand final win about his men’s ability to come together and support each other throughout personal milestones as well as on the field. 

“Bucky, I don’t think he slept last night and his baby arrived at 6.30 this morning,” Lenihan said. 

“Maddie did a wonderful job. She had a really long and intense labour. It’s been an overwhelming 24 hours for the group, and it’s been great to see their composure to knuckle down and get a job done.” 

Halfback Jamal Fogarty echoed those sentiments and said the closeness of the club off the field helps them find success together on the field. 

“It’s a very family orientated club and we all just work hard for each other,” he said. “If one family is going through a tough time, we all rally around and show that support and I think when the games get tough that’s what gets us through to the end.”

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