Rivalry reignites as Titans players included for local Gold Coast derby

Saavanah Bourke

The inclusion of eight Gold Coast Titans players to both the UAA Burleigh Bears and the Tweed Heads Seagulls has made for two high quality games of rugby league on Saturday afternoon at Pizzey Park.

Burleigh and Tweed will face off across two games in the final trial for pre-season, the first set for 5.30pm, followed by the second at 7pm.

With the Intrust Super Cup season now just weeks away, Saturday’s trial will be the last chance for players to prove themselves and secure a starting spot ahead of Round 1.

Titans Jonus Pearson, Greg Marzhew, Tanah Boyd, Erin Clark, Beau Fermor, Sam Stone, Tristian Powell and Alofiana Khan-Pereira will line up for the Bears.

While Jayden Campbell, Treymain Spry, Will Brimson, Toby Sexton, Sam Lisone, Sam McIntyre,  Herman Ese’ese and Jai Whitbread will start for the Seagulls.

“It’s a big advantage for both teams to have access to these type of players at this time of year,” Bears coach Rick Stone said.

An advantage both sides will be taking with open arms.

“Not often do you have two Queensland Cup teams with eight full time players in each, so the quality of the game should be really good,” Stone added.

But the handful of Titans included into each side only adds to an already ignited local rivalry.

“I can remember to way back when and there was always a good, friendly, local derby rivalry between Tweed and Burleigh,” Stone said.

“Even though its a trial, I think it will be heated out on the field.”

For the Seagulls, Saturday is all about finalising their playing structure before their Round 1 clash against the Central Queensland Capras.

“It’s a really good trial for us to see where we are at against a top team like Burleigh,” Seagulls coach Ben Woolf said.

“They (Bears) are the benchmark, every time you play against a top team like them it’s a good gauge at where you sit.

“This weekend is more about getting the structures right and players individually showing what they can do,” Woolf said.

The action starts from 11.45am on Saturday at Pizzey Park.

Team lists:



  1. George House
  2. Will Evans
  3. Allan Lockwood
  4. Regan Ogle-Muir
  5. Alofiana Khan-Pereira
  6. Ngangarra Barker
  7. Shallin Fuller
  8. Ben Valeni
  9. Jordan Scott
  10. Issac Fa’asuamalueai
  11. Lochlyn Sheldon
  12. Jake Gleeson
  13. Tristan Powell
  14. Reece O’Brien
  15. Andrew Scougall
  16. Brett Stratton
  17. Jayden Sharp
  18. Daniel Shannon
  19. Isaac Matalavea-Booth
  20. Shaq Gafa
  21. Latrelle Howe


  1. Jack Mackin
  2. Didymas Blankett
  3. Josh Patson
  4. Ethan O’Niel
  5. Fetuli Talanoa
  6. Tevin Arona
  7. Lindon McGrady
  8. Darius Farmer
  9. Jack Cook
  10. Jack Glossop
  11. Luke Burton
  12. Kody Parsons
  13. Kirk Murphy
  14. Michael Dwane
  15. Stuart Mason
  16. Harrison Muller
  17. Toa Faitatoa
  18. Dan Ross
  19. Zev John



  1. Kurtis Rowe
  2. Troy Leo
  3. Cory Denniss
  4. Greg Marzhew
  5. Jonus Pearson
  6. Josh Rogers
  7. Guy Hamilton
  8. Luke Page
  9. Pat Politoni
  10. Jack Stockwell
  11. Blake Leary
  12. Jacob Hind
  13. Sam Coster
  14. Erin Clark
  15. Tanah Boyd
  16. John Palavi
  17. Api Noema-Matenga
  18. Beau Fermor
  19. Sam Stone
  20. Josh Berkers
  21. Andre Niko


  1. Jayden Campbell
  2. Talor Walters
  3. Treymain Spry
  4. Lee Turner
  5. Ryland Jacobs
  6. Will Brimson
  7. Toby Sexton
  8. Sam Lisone
  9. Brent Wolf
  10. JJ Collins
  11. Lamar Liolevave
  12. Joe Vuna
  13. Sam McIntyre
  14. Liam Hampson
  15. Herman Ese’ese
  16. Jai Whitbread
  17. Braden Robson
  18. Jaleel Seve
  19. Caleb Hodges

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