“frustrating” circumstances prove too challenging for Bears

Saavanah Bourke

Sunday afternoon’s 50-10 loss against the Brisbane Tigers at Totally Workwear Stadium is one that will want to be quickly forgotten by the UAA Burleigh Bears.

It was a bad start for the Bears tallying 6 errors within the first half, giving the Tigers the opportunity to strike while their momentum was hot, leading 26 points to nil after the first 40 minutes.

An early injury from Bears centre Andre Niko and late inclusions from the Titans didn’t help their case, forcing multiple interchanges and reshuffling positions on the field.

Circumstances labeled ‘frustrating’ by Bears captain Luke Page.

“There was a couple of things that had us not as well prepared as we could of been,” Page said.

“It’s hard to form combinations when people drop in and out of the Titans.

“We had too many errors and penalties against us which snowballed our momentum,” he said.

The half time message from Bears coach Rick Stone to ‘play fast, flat football to stop the Tigers momentum’ failed to take action, as their point scoring blitz continued into the second half.

The Bears drought was finally broken at the 54 minute mark, when a cross field kick from Guy Hamilton saw Cory Denniss claim their first 4 points.

A collective sigh of relief from the Bears after Beau Fermor charged up field, setting up Cory Denniss for a double.

But that’s where points dried up for the Bears, and the Tigers class progressed, claiming their first victory of the season and a statement that they’ll be ones to watch in this year’s competition.

It was a 40 point victory that caught the Bears off guard, as the Tigers had conceded 70 points and only put 10 on the board within the first two rounds of the season.

Tigers hooker Aaron Booth said the difference in their performance today came down to stronger defence and completing sets.

“We didn’t start the year as well as we wanted to,” Booth said.

“We haven’t been holding the ball in the last couple of weeks and that was the biggest difference today,” he said.

The Bears will be looking for redemption as they return home next Saturday to take on the Tweed Heads Seagulls, while the Tigers will face the Jets in Ipswich.

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